Classic Acoustic Guitars – The Journey

I’m a thirtysomething female who decided it was time to stop being afraid to pursue things that may be outside the perceived norm for our given sex, age, etc.  I’d always had an interest in learning an instrument, but until recently was afraid I was “too old” to try to pick up an instrument.

I was forced to play cello in elementary, but in reality I wanted to play a “cool” instrument like violin or flute. Unfortunately, I had a teacher who informed me that my hands were ugly and that I couldn’t play those instruments with crooked fingers.  I think his not-so-kind words had a lasting impact on my confidence in learning to play any type of instrument regardless of what it was.  It took me me close to 20 years, but around Thanksgiving last year, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy an instrument that I felt I had some interest in.  My decision was between a drum set or a guitar…Well, drums were a bit more cumbersome to lug around if I ever wanted to travel somewhere with them so I settled on a guitar.  After doing some initial research, I decided an acoustic guitar was my best and most economical bet for my foray into music rock stardom.  As I visited stores and did research I found that I really like the sound of a classic acoustic guitar over a regular metal string acoustic.

While visiting each store and comparing different models suited for a beginner, each sales rep kept saying “I really think you should go with a regular acoustic”…Of which I kept telling them “I like the sound of a classic and I that’s what I want to learn.”  Apparently they felt it would be easier to start out with a regular acoustic because the neck is smaller than a classic.  I went for what I wanted and have absolutely no regrets. I’m still an extreme beginner, but I’m enjoying this new journey.